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Westboro Baptist Church Gets Punk’d

Quite possibly the best interview video ever made. Well, at least the best interview video of the Westboro Baptist Church ever made. “If a man dressed as a woman has sex with a guy with […]

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Lady Gaga Dethrones Britney Spears as Twitter Queen

Over the weekend, with 5,759,419 followers, Lady Gaga (aka @ladygaga) overtook Britney Spears (aka @britneyspears) as the most “followed” person on Twitter. To celebrate, she tweeted photos of her with KISS under the hash tag […]

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Telephone (The Office Version)

“Stop calling, stop calling I don’t want to work anymore. Passive aggressive micro-managing manwhore.”

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Police in India Turn to Facebook, Allowing Citizens to Rat Each Other Out

Oh how I love this idea! Two months ago the Traffic Police in New Delhi started a Facebook page to create a forum for citizens….but it’s turned into something completely different. People have been taking […]

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VIDEO: The Schoolhouse Rock Bill Is Pi$$ed Off at BP

“Whoa! I wonder who that super pissed-off, angry scrap of paper is.” Don’t worry small child, he’s just a bill.

Facebook CEO Gets Superpoked: May Lose 84% Share of Company

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has accomplished a lot in less than ten years. Not only has he revolutionalized the concept of what a ‘social network’ is, but he’s also created one of the most visited […]

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Buffalo Bill Tries To Trick People Into Thinking He’s Goodlooking

Thanks to Jenna from, we now know how to trick people into thinking we are good looking! Buffalo Bill, who you may remember as the guy from Silence of the Lambs who wanted to […]

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Sarah Palin Impersonator Spits on Interviewer

Ok, so maybe it was just an ibex.  But this is why you never interview a goat-like animal.  As HuffPo asserts, they are total d-bags.

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VIDEO: Giraffe Wackin’ Fun

Ever wondered if giraffes fight, and how they do it? Here’s your answer. Thanks Daniel Tosh!

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VIDEO: Epic Star Wars Showdown in the NYC Subway

Do you ever have those awkward run-ins with people you don’t want to run into?  So does Princess Leia. Thanks, Improv Everywhere! While you’re at it, check out Marc & Fausto’s interview with Alex Scordelis […]

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