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FOF #2513 – Pumping Iron & Silicone

One of the most memorable people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the show is bodybuilder Chris Tina Bruce, who, after transitioning, went from competing in men’s bodybuilding to women’s bodybuilding.

Today, Chris Tina Bruce joins us int home studio to talk about bodybuilding, her appearance on the National Geographic TV show Taboo and the most overlooked/overrated muscle building trends.

Cooking with Drag Queens Trailer – Season One

Drag queens are awesome. Cooking shows are awesome. Cooking with Drag Queens combines the two into a fabulous web series where you get to know your favorite queens better and meet some fabulous new gals.

Lego Goes All S&M

Here you thought Legos were just innocent little creatures that just liked to have fun…..well guess what – they’re all grown up and really do enjoy having “fun”. Check out this gallery of Lego’s enjoying […]

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Rainbow Clouds in Japan

Regardless of what some people say (Westboro Baptist Church) God LOVES Fags, otherwise he wouldn’t paint the clouds with rainbows like he did in Japan. This natural phenomenon occurs when rainbows are reflected on the […]

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Rice Paddy Art

In America we prefer to make mazes out of fields of maize for art’s sake, in England there’s an abundance of crop circles that dot the landscape with art…but in Japan they like to make […]

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VIDEO: Mom Always Said ‘Don’t Play With Fire’

You may have been scolded for playing with fire when you were a kid, but check out this amazing fire animation. According to the notes on the video, it took almost two weeks to complete […]

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VIDEO: Let’s Go Off-Road Shrubbing

I think this speaks for itself. Via: Thinklynsen

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What Can’t Dolph Lundgren Do?

Dolph Lundgren dances like the Frankenstein monster, growls out an Elvis song, plays the drums, cracks wood and smashes ice in this over the top Swedish TV show. What can’t Dolph do?

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Comfort Wipe Parody – P.P. Perfect

Everybody’s seen the insane “wipe your butt with a stick” Comfort Wipe Commercial, we thought we’d take the same approach for your wang. Say hello to P.P.Perfect. Enjoy! Visit the store for P.P. Perfect merchandise. […]

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Tonight’s the Night!

One Night Only! The Reveal Party For What Not To Wear Thursday July 24 from 5-8PM at Green Dolphin Street. Come see Amanda Steinstein as you’ve never seen her before as we celebrate and react […]

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