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VIDEO: The Berlin Hipster – a Parody

The video is in German, please switch on the subtitles. When you travel to Berlin you will quickly notice that the city is full of hipsters. All of them try so hard to be unique […]

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FOFA #261 – Interview with the Astrologer

Are you controlled by Uranus? What kind of sway does that freaky seventh planet from the sun hold over your sexuality? Maybe your a butch dyke because your Venus and your Moon collide? Just how […]

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Green Goodness

According to the chakras, green is the integrator of opposites so on today’s green color themed videos I’ve chosen clips that may be opposite but still have that “green” thing in common. I’m going to […]

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Red for Pride Videos

Today, we feature the first color of the gay rainbow: red. Red is created by light consisting predominantly of the longest wavelengths of light discernible by the human eye. Wavelengths any longer than red can’t […]

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MINI – La Ta Dee

Amanda sings and sings and sings… SUBSCRIBE WITH: iTUNES | RSS FEED OTHER WAYS TO SUBSCRIBE: Google Homepage/Google Reader

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“I Go to Rio” on Ice

Nothing says “Brazil” like winter sports, so Canadian bronze-medal Olympic skater Toller Cranston adds some ruffle sleeves to his black tights and lets loose on “I Go to Rio.” He also demonstrates a simple, ingenious […]

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FOF #296 – Cleopatra was a Hairy Beast

You always learn new things from podcasts. On today’s show, two of our favorite animal rights activits, Mike Brazel and Sebastian Zoech drive all the way to Chicago to hang out with Ronnie, Marc and […]

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FOF #294 – Misery Loves Company

Kiki, the world’s most miserable lesbian joins us today to talk about personal pet peeves in interpersonal relationships. Kiki wants to know if people out there are as fed up with mass media marketing as […]

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FOF #293 – Absinthe Induced Hysteria

One of our lovely listeners, Tom Armstrong came all the way to the USA to help celebrate my birthday and brought over an AUTHENTIC bottle of Absinthe which of course we promptly consumed. We really […]

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FOF #292 – Baby, We’re Back

As if we can’t say thank you enough here we go again. Today Marc, Ronnie and myself reminisce on all the lovely colorful people we met at our fabulous Meet N’ Greet last Thursday at […]

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