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FOF #2761 – Dirty Love

You can be as loud as the hell you want when you’re making love, but when bodily fluids get into the mix, it can get really messy.

Today the hilarious Carma Nibarger joins us to talk about the juicy and wild things that happen in the bedroom.

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Mr. Steamworks Towel Contest 2009

A swell time was had by everyone as we hosted the Mr. Steamworks Towel 2009 contest at IML, trying to find the most outrageous and outrageously sexy stud. Who won? Check out part 2 and […]

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Mr. Towel Contest at International Mr. Leather, Chicago 2009

Check out our hilarious video clips and stills taken from the Mr. Towel 2009 Contest we did at IML this weekend with Steamworks. Like the Special Olympics, it really didn’t matter who won, but how […]

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Fausto’s Cake Sitting Video

My latest assignment from the reality competition that I’m in, the Gay Bloggies, is to make a short video based on something we’re inspired by. What inspires me? You! What’s really inspired me is seeing […]

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SHOW #14 – Cake or Dare

Yum yum! Thai fashion model and anti-sex-slavery actvisit Drew Persons thinks the Feast of Fools is the best podcast in the whole wide world and isn’t afraid to express his love for the show. We […]

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