FOF #2629 – Marc’s Great Norway Adventure

Jul 1, 2018 · 2626 views

Marc Felion (center back) and 12 other contestants from Norway’s top reality TV show, “Alt For Norge” the Great Norwegian Adventure. Photo: TV Norge

Folks were left gagging when Marc announced that after 14 years of podcasting, he was taking an indefinite break to go off on an secret adventure. His special assignment would put him out of communication with everyone near and dear to him for quite some time and he’d only be able to rely on his charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to survive the challenges that lay before him.

Well folks, I’m thrilled to announce that Marc is back, and on Norway’s top reality TV show “Alt For Norge” the Great Norway Adventure.

Listen as Marc joins me to give us a sneak peek at Season 9 of the Emmy award winning reality TV series, which includes folks like Star Trek fan fiction actor Evan Fowler and cabaret artist Julie Cascioppo who inspired many popular drag queens.


What kind of trouble did Fausto get into with drag queens this summer?


  1. Dana Louise says:

    Oh hi Marc…how’s your sex life? LOL! D

  2. xrayspex says:

    Does this mean that Brian Sweeney was kicked out of the house and now living on the streets? Im so worried!

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