Frequently Asked Questions

• What is a podcast?
• How do I stop my iPod from crashing?
• Where can I get the music, videos & movies featured on the shows?
• How do I sync the show to my iPod?
• When can I listen to the show?
• When are new shows posted?
• How do I access the archives?
• Why did you choose to start podcasting?
• Why did you start podcasting?
• How do I become a guest on the Feast of Fools?
• How do you get these fabulous guests?
• What ever happened to…?
• How do you do five shows a week and still have jobs?
• What are ten easy ways I can help support the show?
• What’s up with the blue hair?
• How do I get the Mini Bites ringtones onto my cell phone?

What is a podcast?

A podcast is like a radio show or tv show on the internet, only you can subscribe to it and have it download in the background, like email. If you have iTunes installed its really easy to subscribe, just click here. Downloading and using iTunes is free, and subscribing to our show is free.

You can also subcribe to the show using these other methods:

How do I subscribe?

We recommend using iTunes because it is easy and free. If you already have the most current version of iTunes, just click here to go straight to the page.

Another way is to go to the Itunes music store and click podcast on the left-hand side menu. Search for “–Gay Fun Show- The Feast of Fools” or “Feast of Fools” or just “Fausto.” You can also find us under the comedy directory. Click on the Feast of Fools icon and then hit the subscribe

How do I stop my iPod from crashing?

People from time to time write to us asking for any insight on figuring out why playing our show cane make their iPod quit. I’ve done a little research to try and find some solutions.

Because we don’t make the iPod or any other mp3 player, only the mp3 files the best approach is to try to contact Apple Computer or the manufacture directly and see what solutions they may provide.

I went digging online at Apple’s own website and found some solutions of my own:

First try the 5 R’s of iPod:

1- Try updating your firmware on your iPod • Click here.
2- Turn off equalization on the device. • Click here.
3- Turn off Sound Check on the device. • Click here.

Remember you are not alone! I highly recommend visiting discussion forums.

Here is a great list of iPod Frequently Asked Questions.

Here is one forum question with some solutions.

If you just bought the iPod, remember you can always visit an Apple store or call them for free technical support.

“Customers within 90 days of ownership are eligible for complimentary phone support—one incident per iPod and unlimited incidents per Mac. Purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan while still covered by the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty to extend your coverage. 1-800-275-2273 for technical assistance. Canadian customers, please call 1-800-263-3394. Other customers can find worldwide support numbers here.” Please post your own solutions in our forums if you have any.

Where can I get the music, videos & movies featured on the shows?

All the artists we play on the show can be found in the show notes of each particular show at feastoffools .net. Follow the links where it says “Featured Music” to the iTunes music store, Amazon or CD Baby! You can also visit our mainmusic page.We get a little kickback for everything you buy for 18 hours after visiting iTunes through one of our links. Its a great way to support our podcast!

How do I sync the show to my iPod?

iTunes offers podcast syncing, so you don’t need any additional software to put us on your iPod. A new set of iTunes preferences allows you to automatically sync all your podcasts or just the podcasts you choose. You can even choose which podcast episodes to update — all episodes, only selected episodes, only recent episodes or only unplayed episodes. iTunes makes syncing your podcasts as easy as managing them.

When can I listen to the show?

Anytime you want. We are always here waiting for you. We post a brand new show five days a week. Although it feels like we’re in the room with you, the show’s are all pre-recorded. They are not
live. You don’t have to tune in at a certain time (unlike radio where if you blink you’ll miss it!)

When are new shows posted?

Most shows are posted around midnight central U.S. time. Monday through Friday.

How do I access the archives?

Go to, on the right hand side, you will find the archive link listed by month. Click on the month you want and find the show to which you would like to listen. Left click to just listen to the podcast. Right click to save the download and put it manually on your iPod.

When did you guys start podcasting?

Our first podcast was posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2005. It had Fausto Fernós, Marc Felion and our live show’s band leader Link Pinks talking about Paul McCartney’s superbowl halftime show, censorship and breastgate. We predicted that podcasting was going to be huge. Unfortuately we can’t post the show because due to copyright issues. (Don’t worry, it wasnt that good.)

Why did you start podcasting?

The Feast of Fools was originally a live theatrical experience performed in many Chicago area venues. It was a variety show that featured music, dance, poetry, comedy and performance art with an outrageous play that took place between acts. Fausto and Marc wanted to take the show a step further by creating a cable access show, but then podcasting burst onto the scene with the promise of video podcasting in the near future. It was decided that we would embrace this new media rather than cable access because of the ability to reach a larger audience, the immediacy of the medium and the freedom from FCC regulations.

How do I become a guest on the Feast of Fools?

We are always open to new guests and ideas. We are always looking for unusual, spicy and delicious interview subjects or story angles. We always get people writing to us wanting to get their favorite celebrity on the show. The best thing to do is for you to contact their publicist directly and tell them about our show. Remind them that the Feast of Fools: Gay Fun Show is the worlds most downloaded GLBT themed podcast and would be a great opportunity for them to come on their show to talk about their latest project.

If you want to come on the show yourself, please email us at feastoffools [at] and tell us your story, project or site you want to promote.

How do you get these fabulous guests?

We simply ask. Or sometimes they approach us. Having been involved in the arts for many years now, we have built a network of artists, musicians, writers, film-makers and online personalities. Without the support of our friends and colleagues, this show would not be what it is today. We also depend a lot on our own listeners, bloggers, and media folks giving us great tips/agents/publicits phone numbers and email addresses. Remember, without you we’re nothing!

What ever happened to…?

We laughed, we loved, we learned and they left. It feels so sad when somebody you’ve been enjoying on the show is gone. But all things in life come to an end. They are gone but not forgotten. If you need to get a hold of them, email us and we’ll forward the message to them.

How do you do five shows a week and still have jobs?

It’s in our DNA. We live to do this show, and make it our #1 priority. Podcasting is hard work! If we’re not at work, or working out, sleeping or eating, we’re usually podcasting. This is our life’s passion and we put back every cent of our own money into paying for bandwidth, equipment, and materials.

What are ten easy ways I can help support the show?

1- Tell your friends about us. Show them how to listen to the show.
2- Link to us on your blog or website.
3- Write us a great review on iTunes
4- Write a letter to your local newspaper telling them about our show.
5- Email the show to a friend (you can freely share the mp3 files, its LEGAL.)
6- Buy a tshirt. Your donations help us pay for our expenses.
7- Email us a hot scoop! An unusual news item, a contact to a celebrity, or an interesting show topic.
8- Comment on the site. We read those comments first and always respond to them.
9- If you’re a musician, mail us your CD and we’ll play it on the show, and even put an iTunes link up so that our listeners can buy your music! We discourage music piracy and encourage iTunes/Amazon sales.
10- Come to our Meet N’ Greets and tell us face-to-face what you think of our show! Better yet, help organize a local Feast of Fools event in your area. We’re cheap.

What’s up with the blue hair?

The rich sky blue is the official “color” of the Feast of Fools podcast. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Podcasters just love the color blue!

Maybe it’s because blue is belived by Hindu’s and ancient Asian cultures to be tied with the communication/self-expression center of the body or the seventh “chakra.”

Blue also represents to us the term “Blue Comedy” which is material that is too raunchy or explicit to be shown through traditional broadcast channels. And of course astronomer Carl Sagan said that the color blue best represents humanity because it’s the color our planet looks like when seen from far far away. Sacre bleu! Blue is sacred to us. Here on the Feast of Fools we embrace the color blue in all it’s vivid and fabulous ways.

When we were doing the live shows (before the days of podcasting) I was called the “Blue Fairy” by many of my fans because of all blue colored wigs and outfits I wore. As time wore on, I made a conscious decision to integrate my on-stage look with my everyday look, as a way to relate to the audience as myself.

How do I get the Mini Bites ringtones onto my cell phone?

Mini bites are small mp3 files that you can manipulate in any way you like. You can even use it as a ringtone for your cell phone.

In order to have it on your cell phone, your cell phone must be able to store and play mp3 files as ringtones. If your cell phone can’t do this, you can use a third party website like Phone Zoo to actually get it into a format your cell phone can play.

Got more questions? Email us at: