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Bye Bye Brenda Starr Reporter, But It’s Really Basil St. John I’ll Miss

Poor Brenda is joining the Little Orphan Annie in the netherworld of characters who don’t have a comic series running in newspapers. But it wasn’t really Brenda I was interested in as a kid, it […]

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Wonder Woman Unveils New Look

Wonder woman unveils her new look in the issue 600 of her comic book series and I love it! It’s so much more drag friendly.

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DC Comics Announces Batman is a Bottom – Kids Have Hours of Fun With This New Toy

I found this toy at Target Department Store. I am not sure I am kinky enough to watch the video of it when it comes out… but it is intriguing. I wonder if Batman has […]

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How the Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed

Read the funny and short educational comic about the life of the male Angler fish.

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FOF #1144 – Can’t Lose with Bill Cruz

Bill Cruz may have been overlooked for a who’s who list of Chicago comedians, but he impressed the big wigs of comedy so much that next week he’s recording his debut comedy album “Bill Cruz: Athletic Supporter.”

Join us as we chat with Bill about surviving the underwhelming aftermath of the earthquake in Chicago and the unsettling new Facebook’s redesign. Plus: Aretha Franklin eats candy, condoms for Owls and Celine Dion steals Cyndi Lauper’s spot in We are the World 25 for Haiti.

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