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FOF #2849 – The Big Momma of Cellblock COVID-19

We’re all going through hard times during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s so rough, folks are comparing self-isolation to being locked up behind bars. So maybe we can learn a thing or two on surviving all this from someone who has actually done some time in the pokey.

Today comedian Lindsey Shaw, who did a stretch in the big house, joins us to talk about getting through self isolation by looking at ways she dealt with being in the slammer.

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FOF #2138 – Phi Phi O’Hara Goes to Jail

Phi Phi O’Hara is now free as a bird, after spending 30 days in the gay section of a Texas jailhouse. Interestingly enough, the gay inmates were subdivided into two- the butch section and the femme section. You’ll never guess which section this controversial drag queen was put into.

Today Phi Phi O’Hara joins us to talk about her stint in the big house!

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Stiff Sentence for Penis Killers

Two brothers have been sentenced to a total of 205 years of imprisonment after they killed four men after an argument that started over the size of one man’s penis. –Read more.

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Twilight Zone Murder

[UPDATE: Sorry I misread this, the fortune teller got away but two witnesses weren’t so lucky.] I think I saw this on the Twilight Zone: A Russian man was sentenced to more than 20 years […]

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OJ Simpson is King of Queens in Jail

O.J. Simpson is despised around the world, but inside prison, he’s treated like royalty by his gay posse!

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Lady Gaga and Beyoncé Telephone

New York fashion has a “The Ten Best Things About Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s ‘Telephone’ Video.” Can you name any more?

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