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IMAGE: Life Passes By

This poor Sleeping Beauty doesn’t know how close Prince Charming is. I hope he wakes up in time to get off! Thanks Joe!

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5 More Reasons Jake Gyllenhaall Might be Gay

E! News is filling the void left by fomer “Queen of Mean: Perez Hilton” and stirring the gay pot with these pics of Jake Gyllenhaall, getting felt up by someone’s dad, on the set of […]

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VIDEO: The More Jake Gyllenhaal Insists He’s Straight, the Less I Believe Him.

Watch how red his neck gets when he addresses those persistent, gay rumors. For the record: I have no idea what his sexual orientation is, nor do I care. I’ve loved him since “Donnie Darko” […]

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VIDEO: Jake Gyllenhaal is Great at Hiding Things

For starters, he’s Jewish? Who knew. Does he have a brother?

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Jake Gyllenhall is Pee Shy at Movie Premiere

At the premiere of his latest flick, “Source Code,” Jake Gyllenhall got into a men’s room scuffle after an unidentified man (not Joe Fitrzyk) tried taking his photo “mid-stream.” Cinematical’s Erik Davis tweeted: “Gyllenhaal apparently […]

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FOF #1245 – Poppers O’Plenty

Poppers! No we’re not talking about delicious deep fried cheese filled jalapenos, we’re talking about the drug- those little brown bottles that people huff to loosen up while getting jiggy with it.

Join us as we talk about all the hullabaloo around this iconic little bottle, the dangers surrounding the drug, poppers pigs and why John Waters has a whole case of it in his freezer.

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