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Fight Bigotry and Win

Looking for something to do this weekend? Help Equality Florida sort through the information about what went into the hiring of George “Rentboy” Rekers as the star witness defending Florida’s anti-gay adoption ban. The documents […]

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George Rekers to Inhabit Ninth Level of Hell

I really enjoyed reading this essay by theologian, seminary professor, and ordained minister Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Ph.D.. I don’t really believe in hell but it’s fun to imagine Rekers getting his place right next to Satan.

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FOF #1188 – Raw and Wild

Fresh off his solo show on a doomed chocolate whale, Marsian De Lellis is high on a rampage, after consuming platefuls of raw, vegan food on mother’s day. So try to keep up!

Listen as we chat with Marsian about the wonders of a raw food, Biblical diets, the changing nature of being gay, drag queen Nina Flowers and Iron Man 2 the movie, featuring plastic man Mikey Rourke.

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