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FOF #2498 – Roll Up for the Vagical Mystery Tour

It’s been six months since millions of people all around the world gathered for the Women’s March to support women’s health care and reproductive equality. While the protest was a huge success, there’s still a lot of work to be done, so why not put on a comedy show?

Today comedian Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show, joins us to talk about the Vagical Mystery Tour, where people can hear comedians tell some jokes and join the resistance to help ensure women’s access to healthcare.

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FOF #2062 – I’m 50 and I can Still Kick It

For many gay men over the age of 50, loneliness is a huge problem. They are twice as likely to be single and live alone and four times more likely to be childless. Almost half of older gays feel unloved by their local gay neighborhoods but then there’s the other half who are having a marvelous time!

So how do some senior gays succeed while others feel isolated? Today we’re joined by comedian Darren Marshall to talk about how to stay connected with folks as you become a silver fox.

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Sweet Desire: A Unicorn Serenades Sarah Silverman

Somewhere, in a moderately priced hotel on Sunset Blvd., Steven Tyler is jacking off to this.

VIDEO: Sarah Silverman and Others Take on DADT

G.A.Y.S. (Guys Against You Serving) from Thomas Lennon Some of it’s kind of stupid, but kudos for trying.

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