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Toronto’s First Slut Walk

Finally, the straights are catching on and have held their first Slut Walk. Actually, the walk is in response to a representative of the Toronto Police who said “women should avoid dressing like sluts in […]

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VIDEO: Kiss In at Toronto Market

Twenty couples surprised market goers in Toronto with a flash mob kiss in. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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VIDEO: 30 Year Anniversary of the 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Riots

Thirty years ago today on February 5, 1981 Toronto police raided a bathhouse and arrested over 300 men! It was such a big fiasco that it really galvanized the community to fight for rights and […]

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Slushie Facials in Toronto’s Gay Village

A group of homophobic teens are terrorizing residents of the Gay Village in Toronto with “Slushy Facials” popularized by the the TV show Glee. You’d think as Canadians, they’d be use to the cold wet […]

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VIDEO: Theo Tams Live at Timothy’s Pub

I made the long drive to the Toronto area to catch a couple of Theo Tams’ live shows August 19-22. I put together this compilation of his show at Timothy’s Pub. in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. […]

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Theo Tams Covers Missy Higgins

Theo Tams performs a heartbreaking acoustic cover of Missy Higgins’ ‘Where I Stood’ at Toronto’s The Supermarket on 03/24/1o. Tams is releasing his next single, Manhattan Blue, 03/29/10, from his debut album, Give It All […]

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