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20 Years of Fun

Suck it haters! Taylor Swift, Joe Biden and the Kansas City Chiefs win Superbowl LVIII. Everyone in America now has to be trans for a week, sorry NFL rules.

Today we celebrate 20 years of Feast of Fun- the podcast Apple said helped “pave the way to bring podcasting from an underground movement to a mainstream phenomenon.” To help mark our 20th season, we have a very special guest, y’all need to calm down, Taylor Swift…

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VIDEO: Hey Daddy. Get to Know Erin Markey.

Do you know Erin Markey?  If you don’t, you should.  She’s one of New York’s most amazing queer performers.  I’m loving her rendition of Usher’s “Hey Daddy.”  And there’s plenty more where that came from…

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Usher Has a Sex Tape? With a Woman?

And my sister would have been prom queen in ’94 if it wasn’t for that scandal on the Color Me Badd tour bus. TMZ reports: “The R&B star (and teen popstar mentor) is the subject […]

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Usher and the Goat

YouTube Doubler It’s a youtubedoubler of Usher and a goat that sounds like a man! Fun technology!

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