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FOF #2510 – Drugs Not Hugs

This week on social media, Tennessee queen Aurora Sexton called out some Drag Race girls for their unprofessional behavior for showing up late, forcing clubs to rearrange the show order to suit their taste and the worst crime off all, demanding red M&Ms and champagne be put in their dressing room.

Today Fox E. Kim, our drag sister from another mister joins us to speak in defense of the ingenue queens who simply don’t want sweaty greasy fans grabbing their wigs when they aggressively hug them.

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FOF #984 – The Dark Amber Sound of Gregory Douglass

Profound, beautiful and emotional- that’s Vermont musician Gregory Douglass. Upon graduating high school, Gregory was presented by his schools’ headmaster with a music award and an unusual piece of advice: Don’t go to college and […]

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