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Amanda Cohen Takes on Carol Channing as the Borg Queen

It’s great staying friends with people through the years, and nobody’s seen this show grow as much as comedian Amanda Cohen. Amanda came into our lives through a Craigslist ad looking for people with big personalities to participate in a Pee Wee’s Playhouse style musical variety show.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen joins us to kick off our fall season to talk about the early years of podcasting and to look at the future of filmmaking and artificial intelligence.

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FOF #2863 – Amanda Cohen: Fashion in the Age of Coronavirus

One of the biggest changes in the age of the Rona is our fashion. Folks are still trying to express themselves in their video teleconferences and sometimes the results are hilarious.

Pants? What are pants? Folks wear pajamas all day long, heads are shaved and if they go outside at all, they look like bank robbers.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen, best known as one of the most challenging people to appear on the makeover reality TV show What Not to Wear joins us to take a look at fashion in the age of Coronavirus.

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VIDEO: Weird Al’s Parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

Weird Al’s parody of “Born This Way” is finally here! He looks fantastic. Boy that estrogen therapy is really working and look how limber he has become.

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VIDEO: Sneak Peek at Weird Al’s “Born This Way” Parody

It kind of feels like he’s channeling Glenn Close as Lady Gaga.

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