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What a flash from the past. So nice to hear from Amanda again, and miss all these wonderful exaggerated characters. Fausto, love your understanding of non-linear... » More

On FOF #2983 – Amanda Cohen on To Tell the Truth

Thanks for the shout out, Marc and Fausto! And glad my quote fit the topic of this episode so well. I’ll always give Feast of Fun... » More

On FOF #2964 – Gay Man Thriving: How We Sabotage Our Own Happiness

This has been one of my favorite episodes during the pandemic. So much wisdom, Vivacious. And as someone who also enjoys streaming, I love what you’ve... » More

On FOF #2920 – Tis’ the Season to Be Vivacious

Such a great throwback. Reading this book soon. » More

On Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street

Marc and Fausto, Such a good week on FoF. Really enjoyed the weaving of your new found obsession with Pose (best LGBTQ TV Series of my life... » More

On FOF #2747 – IML is for Everyone