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Video: Ian McDiarmid (Supreme Chancellor Palpatine) & Michael Fassender (Magneto) Playing Gay Lovers

I’m not sure about you, but I’m sure there are nerds out there such as myself, who have twisted slash fantasies about fandoms in the comic realm. Although I am one of those rare types […]

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Marionetta Fuego is Back

Earlier I posted an audition tape by a muppet drag queen, Marionetta Fuego. She later got more than 10,000 hits and had a post made by the people on Logo! I think if we give […]

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RuPaul’s Drag Race- Muppet Drag Queen Audition Tape

I saw this being shared by Manila Luzon on facebook, and I laughed so much. The quality of this video is so nice, and I would love to actually see this little muppet be a […]

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VIDEO: Healthy Phallic Commercial

Really it’s apparently called ‘Healthy Penis Commercial’… But a friend posted this on his facebook and I was too shy to post on my own…so I’m posting it here. A commercial from San Fransisco apparently. […]

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VIDEO: Million Dollar Man and GI Joe Doll Sex-Tape?

I found this on my tumblr dashboard from homocomix. It made me question my sense of humour because I ended up laughing at how twisted it seemed. Noooot entirely sure if this is ok for me […]

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A Boy George & Marilyn Interview Sketch

British Comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams (stars of ‘Little Britain’)take on the role as Marilyn and Boy George for a mini comedy series “Rock Profile”

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Fausto and Marc Fan Art

I’m not the type to be crazily enthusiastic about holidays, but I enjoy drawing stuff for it 🙂 This year, I decided to draw Marc and Fausto for Valentine’s Day. Fausto was nice enough to […]

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VIDEO: Mad TV Sketch – Gangster Fight

Personally, I wish all fights ended like this.

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Starve and Become a Sassy Diva?

A commercial  I found online during a research paper I had to do. According to the  Snickers company, if you’re a guy and start getting hungry you become a legendary diva. The irony?  The divas […]

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VIDEO: Gender Bender Commercial in Denmark

A commerical from Denmark that was introduced to me by a deviantart artist who draws humourous comics about Scandanavia and the World. The two men are played by women, and the woman is played by […]

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It’s so odd how I’ve never really hated her throughout the entire series, on the contrary I supported her and absolutely loved the hate(?)-chemistry between her... » More

On Ask Phi Phi O’Hara Anything!

yaaaay! Thank you for the shout-out! Greatly appreciated!! And actually, I’m actually half-brown (middle-eastern), half-japanese, lol. Also drafts for the 3rd drawing have been sent! You’re right about the... » More

On FOF #1510 – Adventure Awaits

Thanks for the love back Randall! Haha! And a big cheer for him telling us his last name! Super glad to be able to hear all about you... » More

On FOF #1469 – Randall’s Animals: The Definitive Honey Badger Interview

Not really what I had in mind either, but it was interesting to see two rather famous villains play a role like this. And I saw this... » More

On Video: Ian McDiarmid (Supreme Chancellor Palpatine) & Michael Fassender (Magneto) Playing Gay Lovers

oh my god!! I posted on this on my facebook!! I loved this sketch show much I still have it favourited on youtube. It made it all the... » More

On VIDEO: Eye Poison You Are Gonna Love