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Gays and Lesbians Dominate Use of Social Networking Sites

Gay and lesbian adults are among the nation’s most prolific users of blogs and social networking sites, according to a US market research study.

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Hawaii Governor Who Vetoed Civil Unions Compares Them to Incest

Linda Lingle, the Hawaii governor who vetoed a civil unions bill last week, has compared them to condoning incest.

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International Drag Day – 16th July 2010

Don’t forget that it’s International Drag Day in less than 10 days! Make sure you go out and celebrate in style, drag it up, go see a show, have fun! That’s what the day is […]

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New International Drag Day Website Now Live!

The *brand new* International Drag Day website is now live with ways to promote your drag event as well as spread the word and love for IDD2010! You can also meet this year’s new DragHosts! […]

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