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This police officer would have probably let the pantie pilferer off with a warning, but he would still have “confiscated” the evidence. » More

On FOF #1023 – Who’s the Craziest Queen of Them All?

When I saw the title to this video I knew that it wouldn’t take long for Marc to make a scat or poop joke, and I... » More

On Five Minute Chocolate Cake

When Fausto started talking about Sensual versus Militarism society, he was actually hitting on something. It’s more commonly known as Epicurean(Sensual) and Stoic(Militarism). Epicurean is all... » More

On FOF #985 – Welcome to Planet Larry La Fountain

Dear Gregory Douglass, Your song “Come Here Boy” makes my pants melt. xoxo, Ali P.S. Haven’t listened to this pod yet but I loves me some Dougl-ass! » More

On FOF #984 – The Dark Amber Sound of Gregory Douglass

Marc, your so adorkable. » More

On Detroit’s Magical Airport Tunnel