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Great episode guys! I love Michael Lehet! » More

On FOF #1114 – Feliz Na’Vi-dad

Holy Moley! This was a fantastic interview. What a funny, brave, beautiful person Mr Kearns is! » More

On FOF #1101 – An Intimate Look at Michael Kearns

Still catching up on podcasts– but I can’t wait to hear this episode! I love Selene on The Cho Show, and Nadya was just amazing the... » More

On FOF #1081 – Double Date with Luna and Ginsburg

Hi guys– I’m just catching up on podcasts. This episode made me so ridiculously happy for the four of you, that you finally got to meet... » More

On FOF #1078 – Deven Green’s Basket of Muffins

I have never been to the Aquarius baths here in Winnipeg, but some of my friends described it as a fun, clean place to hang out... » More

On FOF #1074 – Scooty and Jojo Do Halloween