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Hey I’m always a bit behind but I just wanted to say I love love loved your episode about Queer Science. It’s kind of funny about... » More

On FOF #2390 – Queer Science

I just wanted to say the story about KFC firing the manager who fired the trans girl and offering her job back made me tear up... » More

On FOF #2300 – Oscars Aftermath

Ryan rocks! Screw American Idol I love it when I hear some one who can’t be bought for any price. I checked out Caitlyn’s show and I think... » More

On FOF #2198 – Hell No to American Idol

A ban on drag at Pride because it may offend transgender people. Ahhh What? I first heard this from someone on Facebook though I didn’t know it... » More

On FOF #2189 – Drag Queens Banned from Pride

Hey guys yay I love Jeffery Jay. Thank you so much by the way Jeffery for explaining about the lack of hormones problem! Oh my goddess I really... » More

On FOF #2173 – After Caitlyn Jenner