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29 Year Old Deaf Woman Hears Herself for the First Time

Headline explains it. Such a simple, but moving video. Had to share it.

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”Room Service: Use It: The Sextape” Ft. FrançOis Sagat

This is a promo vid for a club night in London… Could be a really gay Adias sportswear commercial though. Kinda of hot. Kinda WTF? My favorite part is how the song says: “Be proud […]

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Gay Porn or “Captain America” Still?

I made this for my blog a few weeks ago, but I blanked on how much Fausto loves Chris Evans at the time, so I’m sharing it a little late. Hope you enjoy!

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Who Said It: Charlie Sheen or Ron Burgundy?

See how well you do identifying who said what. (Let your mouse hover over the quote to see the answer.)

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Laura Bush is Pro-Gay Marriage and Pro-Choice.

Title says it all. Laura seems to have modeled her life after a country song. Who cares if the rights of women and minorities are at stake as long as you stand by your man?

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PHOTOS: Lady Plagarism – in Defense of Grace Jones

This is going to look ranty, I realize, but I’d rather make a coherent argument, so bare with me. I think the problem a lot of people have with Gaga is praise of her seems […]

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