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ohhh How much I love listen to Jim… such a smart, funny, delicious hot muffin of a man! Congrats guys on the site and all… lots... » More

On FOF #1464 – Change is Coming

Recently in Brazil there is talk on how to move the HIV/AIDS prevention strategy forward. According to some Brazilian AIDS actvists, the “wear condom” recomendation... » More

On FOF #1358 – The Battle Over HIV Prevention

Hey Fausto/Marc! Great show! The best education on poppers ever! One notice for all-ya popper lovers: do not put volatile chemicals in the fridge/freezer. Although the vaporization is... » More

On FOF #1245 – Poppers O’Plenty

I was very upset about the news you guys brought today. Its passed the time we (and when I say we I mean the “GLOBAL we”)... » More

On FOF #1121 – Bad Cop, No Donut

Hey guys! Today´s show was really good. Summer as always was fantastic and a great presence in the show. As for J Seth… it was very interesting... » More

On FOF #1119 – A Gay Mormon in Russia