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Animated Short/Promo

Hey guys, My partner’s been a fan of a particular Podcast show for some time now and recently learned that they’d started a Viral Promo video competition and has been full of excitement ever since. […]

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Voice Band for the iPhone

LOL, this is absolutely brilliant. Basically, the programs lets you create music tracks on your iPhone using your voice alone. All you have to do is vocalise the beats with your voice and the program […]

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Sarah Palin the Sexy Modern Witch

Now that i’ve got you’re attention (:P) i’d like to introduce you all  to Bayonetta, the stylishly sexy modern witch. IF you’re interested in games & film (which i’m sure this’ll spawn soon enough) then […]

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Pesky Baguette Shuts Down CERN’s LHC

It looks like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has once again suffered another setback. The culprit? A piece of bread. Officials believe that a speck of bread (originally part of a baguette deposited by a bird […]



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On VIDEO: Pag – The Lady is Dead

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On Pooping Robot

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On ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Gay Hate Crime?

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On ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Gay Hate Crime?

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On VIDEO: Understanding the Internet Fail!!