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Its Amanda.. or is it.. I think this is her long lost twin…….question is.. who is the younger one. Keep up that great vids guy Miguel » More

On Teri Yaki Chops a Wig

THIS MAN IS Soooooo HOT, I could drink that man’s bath water!! 🙂 » More

On FOF #712 – Your Gay Doctor

Lovin the video. I have a bow that Fausto can wear for me. Serious. Love the information videos for how to. Especially... » More

On SHOW #20 – Making Ribbons

One word… OUCH! Great personality but OUCH.. Can we say the next voice over for James Earl Jones! I don’t believe singing is his... » More

On FOF #585 – My Name is Tay Zonday

Awesome show, however Chris truely has a beautiful soul with in. No to be offensive, but I think he needs to model for Abercrombie &... » More

On FOF #598 – The Island of Chris Garneau