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VIDEO: Fanning the Flames

A NSFW-ish music video from Japan (some nudity from behind), that isn’t particularly sexy, but is pretty funny.  The ping pong balls were unexpected.

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VIDEO: Hermosa and the Angry Inch

The police in Lima, Peru learn the hard way that you never hit a trans lady because she will call for back up.

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Brokeback Hogwarts

Makes you wonder if Harry Potter puts the Engorgio charm to use with sexy results. Alternate titles for this post–I’m sure you guys can come up with better ones: Harry Potter and the Never Ending Parade […]

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On RIP: Actress Elisabeth Sladen Who Played Sarah Jane on Doctor Who Dies at 63

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On Ask Cassandra Peterson (Elivra) Anything!

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On Google Goes Gay

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On VIDEO: Teaser Trailer for New Smurf’s Movie