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I loved Emme! She was so fresh and funny and did add some more of the Latin Spice that Fausto brings constantly. I loved when she... » More

On FOF #978 – The Pop Princess and the Peruvian Player

I love that Mind in the Gutter song! Damn, I can’t stop listening to it. I even put away my evil illegal music downloading tendencies so... » More

On FOF #846 – Chris Crocker Has His Mind in the Gutter

I don’t really know how these “gay schools” work, but I don’t think that completely segregating the gays is the solution. Now, what I DO believe... » More

On FOF #839 – Bette Davis Stamps

Fausto, I’m checking out RealJock for the first time and I think I will also start the 12 week workout plan. Thanks for the heads up... » More

On FOF #809 – Happy Birthday Mr. E

(God why does Internet Explorer suck. It didn’t let me comment properly, might be homophobic) Adam, I loved the rape joke. It was not as harsh as... » More

On FOF #808 – Zodiac Wine Tasting