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What a fun show, market days was indeed a blast and the Steamworks booth was definitely the center of the party. Also in response to Hot... » More

On FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

my husband loooves how it’s made, he can’t get enough of it I don’t really get it… Also Gigi you are fabulous, I wish my mom... » More

On FOF #804 – Deluxe and Delovely

Hey guys, fun show despite Fausto’s ailments, not used to just listening to you guys without a guest, it felt like we were hanging out chatting,... » More

On FOF #803 – Podcast Fever

Great show guys, I think the Obama monkey doll is cute and all in fun, but can understand the racist connotations. My personal favorite piece of... » More

On FOF #781 – Big Bear Double Date