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Drunken Rainbow Colored Birds Falling Down

Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood on Halloween?  Nope!  Try Lorikeets which are native birds to Australia eat a plant which contains alcohol which causes them to get drunk. They are beautiful, but they are loud! Here’s a […]

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MN Rep Tony Cornish Demands Originality Only

You know those easy political emails that you can cut, paste and send to your favorite (or not so favorite) representative in government?  Well apparantly this one has had enough of that! In response to […]

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VIDEO: It’s Sunday!

The rapture has passed us.  Now today is Sunday …  Sunday …

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VIDEO: Gingrich Emerges

They thought he could not handle the onslaught of glitter but he emerges triumphant.  He is GINGRICH!

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VIDEO: Prepared for the Rapture?

So this isn’t what tomorrow’s rapture will look like but close. Don’t throw yourself in front of moving traffic if you’re left behind and don’t question why blow up dolls would be filled with helium.  […]

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VIDEO: Motorized Kitty Ears Controlled by Brain Waves

Neurowear will be releasing their Necromini later this year.  The Necromini is a headband fitted with motorized kitty ears controlled by your brain waves.  When you’re concentrating or aroused the ears stand on end.  When […]

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Woman Allowed to Masturbate at Work

It appears Ana Catarina Bezerra suffers from severe anxiety and hypersexuality and curently needs to masturbate about eighteen times per day, down from forty seven thanks to medication.  She has fought in court for her […]

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On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

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On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

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On FOF #1961 – Blast-Off to Planet Tammie Brown

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