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What a find! That was was very entertaining! » More

On “We Are the World” by Japanese celebrity impersonators

What a blast from the past! I really loved Second City TV and I remember seeing that Evita commercial over and over again, but I... » More

On “Evita” Commercial (Plus! “Indira” Riposte)

I remember we watched Angie and bits from the title sequence, but I don\’t remember the theme song at all. I liked the photo montage very much.... » More

On “Angie” Opener: Philadelphia Sitcom

muy interesante… » More

On La Pequeña Amy Winehouse

Both of these were a delight to watch. Funny how Carol Channing didn\’t get any of the tasty Jello with Dream Whip… » More

On Ethel Merman for Vel