Ethel Merman for Vel

Feb 15, 2008 · 1985 views

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“Honey, hands come up soft / just like roses / try Vel and you’ll see!” And get a load of this!: Carol Channing and the cast of “Hogan’s Heros” for Jell-O, the light dessert with […]


  1. PupDon says:

    Did I just have an acid flashback or did that really exist? Carol Channing eating Jello on Hogan’s Heros? Okay, I’m never telling anyone about this for fear they’ll put me away. I nearly escaped the last time they tried to put me away. They tried to tell me I wasn’t a dog. Imagine that!

  2. What wets the appetite more for Jell-O than a Nazi Germany POW camp?

  3. RcktMan says:

    These are both the craziest commercials ever. The Merm pushing dish liquid. And what is with the rose in the sink of water? Too crazy. But Carol Channing on the set of Hogan’s Heroes? That’s crazy enough… and then the plugs for Jell-O and Dream Whip? It’s just too much! 馃檪

  4. Wow — I lOVEEEEEEEE me some Ethel Merman!!!! …. and she still had those high notes so late in her career!!!! What a unique talent!!! WOW Where is talent like THAT these days???

  5. OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!! I’ve never watched hogans heros before but I have one question …. what is all the fuss about gays in the military ??? from the looks of this video seems like the military was one big GAY jello party in the 50s and 60s LOL LOL — I mean come on that video is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAYYYYYY 馃榾 … LOL hehehehe

  6. wait. does the woman clean the pan with the rose or was it just to show how gentle the soapy water was to the rose xD!!?!

    such crazy commercials they had back then! why can\’t they be like that today!?

  7. Ethel Merman was such a joy! TAKE it from MERB? These retro commercials John are a HOME RUN HIT!

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  9. Both of these were a delight to watch.

    Funny how Carol Channing didn\’t get any of the tasty Jello with Dream Whip…

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