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Varla Jean Merman is Beautiful

Optimistic Varla confronts some of the challenges of New Orleans’s post-Katrina dating scene in this touching slice of Louisiana life. You know who sent this to me? Miss Understood! Also: Ty, Garrett! Previously: Varla teams […]

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Valerio McKennitt, “The Way I Am”

Handsome youtube troubadour Valerio, from Varese, Italy, strums and claps his way through a sunny cover of Ingrid Michaelson’s little ditty, and his homemade music video is a fun moment with a creative guy. Says […]

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Katherine Hepburn in “Coco”

As Coco Chanel, self-assured film legend Katherine Hepburn swans her way through the finale of Broadway’s “Coco,” then reveals a singing voice every bit as distinct as that of Lauren Bacall. The intricate set is […]

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Italo Pop Star Heather Parisi, “Disco Bambina”

Excessive! Dig those high kicks and the androgynous partner who joins her midway. More is more: Get a load of limber Heather’s credit-sequence razzle-dazzler from “Fantastico 81.”

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Vivian Vee, “Higher”

“Queen of Italo” Vivian chanteuses her way through this icy dance number backed by a bevy of chicken-inspired leather ladies. Says RcktMan: “As she sings ‘Higher! Higher!’, her backups wave their arms in a fanning […]

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Memphis Black Pride ’07: Cupid Shuffle

Special thanks to listener dobbythewarrior for finding this spectacular real-life production number. Special thanks also to the dancer who really cuts loose 55 seconds into this. Somewhat similar: Technoviking, Rave Granny (ty, brainfork!), Granny’s One-Eyed […]

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La Pequeña Amy Winehouse

…from Chile! Thank you, Billy, for the tip!

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“Angie” Opener: Philadelphia Sitcom

Have you heard the news? Fausto and Marc are coming to Philadelphia! Celebrate by spending a moment with Angie, the gutsy Philly waitress with a rich doctor husband and snooty new relatives. Though the clip […]

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“The Shrink,” by the Penny Magic Show

Also known as “Why Do You Think You Are Nuts?” After this mind-rending show-stopper went around the Web awhile back, determined fans tracked down and unearthed lead singer Penny Pearce, who is said to have […]

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“Evita” Commercial (Plus! “Indira” Riposte)

“That’s right, Evita—stamp your feet and clap your hands…. She simply seduced a country!” Starring Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin. Act II: SCTV’s spoof, “Indira,” starring Andrea Martin, now appearing on Broadway in “Young Frankenstein.”

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