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The Stars are Made of Makeup

Feeling like a “plain Jane”? Need a glamour boost? Well, grab a roller and start painting! These before-and-afters of Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez prove that movie-star beauty isn’t something you’re born with–it’s bought and […]

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Debbie Harry and the Muppets, One Way or Another

Puppets are just drag you wear on your hand, and the Muppet Show was one of the nuttiest, most sophisticated shows on television in the 70s, despite (or because of?) its children’s-TV roots. Here Debbie […]

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Happy Birthday Dusty Springfield!

Update: Youtube took down the video! Watch this space for new links. Here’s some others! England’s Dusty Springfield, nee Mary O’Brien, was born upon this day in 1939–she’d be 68 today if she hadn’t tragically […]

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Amanda Lear Performs The Queen of Chinatown

It’s mind-bending enough, and then you see 2:45 and you’re all “OMG”! Rosie “Ching-Chong” O’Donnell’s favorite video! My plans for the evening of 9/11/01 were to attend a west Chelsea art opening by transsexual singing […]

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Varla Jean Merman and Flotilla DeBarge Do Cher’s Dark Lady

The original cartoon version from the Sonny and Cher Show is fun and spooky too.

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Paul Zone, Love is the Message; video by Tom Rubnitz

Here’s one more video by “Pickle Surprise” and “Strawberry Shortcut” director Tom Rubnitz, starring Paul Zone of the storied gay family rock act the Zone Brothers. Even if it’s not quite up to “Shortcut” and […]

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Iris Chacon on Merv Griffith Show

Sizzly! And check out Iris doing Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” on David Letterman’s groundbreaking NBC show (he even booked John Waters and Divine!). And see Iris’s infamous coolant commercial here.

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