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“We Are the World” by Japanese celebrity impersonators

Their Kim Carnes (her lyric: “when we”) is particularly inaccurate. Thank you, listener David, for the tip! Similarly: “Something to Believe In,” a “We Are the World” parody by the Ramones, starring impersonators plus actual […]

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Ethel Merman for Vel

“Honey, hands come up soft / just like roses / try Vel and you’ll see!” And get a load of this!: Carol Channing and the cast of “Hogan’s Heros” for Jell-O, the light dessert with […]

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Diet Coke Commercial with Carol Channing & Friends

Starring Carol Channing, the Rockettes, Sally Kellerman, Ben Vereen, Telly Savalas, Joe Namath, Bob Hope, John Forsythe, and more! And!: In a contemporaneous clip, a brassy anthropomorphic Ms. Pac Man does her best Mama Rose.

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Patricia Neal: “Fight Back with Anacin!”

How I wish I could have been a “fly on the wall” at Patricia Neal’s meeting with Anacin’s research scientists.

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Lauren Bacall for High Point Coffee

“Mmm… It’s a coffee lover’s dream!“

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Lena Zavaroni: Tragic Kiddy Belter

After Scotland’s wee Lena won British TV’s “Opportunity Knocks” for an unprecedented five weeks at age 10, her high-octane singing style made her a superstar throughout the English-speaking world. Lucille Ball and Frank Sinatra counted […]

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Carol Channing in Bank Heist Shocker!

Poor Carol Channing—87 years old this month—was in a bank in Palm Desert, CA, last Friday, when a robber struck. Said the popular ventriloquist doll model: “We just bought a new house. It’s really the […]

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Spazzy YouTube Treasure: Supermac18

Talented, energetic 13-year-old youtuber Supermac18 has 59 videos, each ready to blow your mind in a new way. He’s a star! More! (when you click through): Mac’s take on the “IDK, my BFF Jill” commercial […]

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Witch Megamix

Thousands of last-minute costume ideas in four fun-filled minutes! They missed one!: Tim Curry does that thing he does best while singing “Anything Can Happen on Halloween” from 1986’s “The Worst Witch,” when you click […]

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