Witch Megamix

Oct 29, 2007 · 34573 views

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Thousands of last-minute costume ideas in four fun-filled minutes! They missed one!: Tim Curry does that thing he does best while singing “Anything Can Happen on Halloween” from 1986’s “The Worst Witch,” when you click […]


  1. Nice MEGA MIX!!! Just in time for Halloween.

    I can SO see this playing at Sidetrack in Chicago.

    I love that one Betwitched episode where Tabitha (all grown up) was exploring race issues. Great late 60s “desegregation in public schools” camp.

  2. bryan2design says:

    Dan Rucks deserves the credit for the MEGA MIX. He is genious. He should be a guest.

  3. I’m always impressed on how those “mega mixes” can be put together. The research must take months.

  4. Marc Felion says:

    That was really intense!

  5. This is AWESOME! Almost makes me wish I were a witch.

  6. Holy living mother of cow. I just watched the Tim Curry video. How many years before Harry Potter was that??

    “Your dentist could turn into a queen.” Indeed.

    GOD I love those 1982 video effects in a 1986 movie.

  7. Superboy says:

    I agree. the withc remix makes me want to dress up as a witch for halloween

  8. All of this AND Charlotte Rae!!

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