FOF #706 – Love Stories of Joy and Horror

Feb 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For some it’s a great time to celebrate passion and romance, but for many it’s a time to feel lonely and isolated from the world around them. You know […]


  1. Always anticipating your needs, here is Billy (P-Tofu) manhunt profile. Get him while he’s still single and available!

  2. LeviathaN says:

    Yum I could eat Billy.
    It was great to have Amanda on, OH MAMA he\’s making eyes at me
    Great voice Amanda.

    Good Tip Fausto: if you single, a hands better than nothing, Or a sildo or E-sex.

    I called in, but chickened out, cause I get shy sometimes.

    Valentine\’s day was my anniversary for not having sex for 5 years (very sad)
    5 years ago
    My Big sister introduced me to a friend in a coffee shop
    We stared at each other for and hour \”Love at first sight\” (One sided love) 🙂
    I go back to my sisters place and chilled out.
    He came round later, my sister went to bed and we stayed up & watched Eddie Izzard.
    Then we started to watch the DVD in French, we started staring at each other again.
    We both dived onto each other ripping our cloths off, I\’ll leave the rest to you imagination.

    I didn\’t hear from him for days.
    We had a party & he came, he didn\’t show much interest in me.
    So I did Quarter turns on his boyfriend. ( big regret )

    So now I\’m looking for a serious partner!

  3. LeviathaN says:

    Correction ^^^ LoL
    So I did Quarter turns on his EX boyfriend.

  4. kennidi says:

    It\’s always so much fun calling in for you guys! Amanda is great, I had fun last nite being on with u guys! Love ya guys!

  5. jarzium says:

    amanda!! its always so much fun listening to you!

  6. Luv when Amanda is on the show and for Valentine\’s to no have a horrible date I Just prefered not to go in one that better than have a hrrible experience actually

  7. PureeTofu says:

    Kennidi and I were living it up in the chat room, lord, I need to remember to always call in sober. Hopefully won\’t get into too much trouble for what I disclosed!

    June 28-29 though, its going to be awesome.

  8. kennidi says:

    I always have fun chatting u up! I hope that I will be in Chicago when you\’re here! I might be, but its up in air right now! It\’s good to be a lil crazy, it makes it more fun! For all you that havent seen Billy (PureeTofu) He is a fucking hottie! If i was a gay man id go for him! LOL! Oh wait, I was a gay man at one time…and a hot one at that! Maybe Ill post a pic one day of how I looked! Anyways its always a blast to talk with Billy and my new friend Guy! Love you both! My new fags…all in good terms! I have a new video up on you tube:

    Love you guys! Thanks again for a fun show!

  9. Ventura79 says:

    I hadnt listented to a show in about a month and i cant believe i fell out of the loop for so long!

    Great show guys! I didnt know i could listen to the show straight from my iPhone, but since i have figured it out, now i LOVE
    my iPhone EVEN MORE =)

    Great Show guys!

  10. SAL-E says:

    I got my Hair did.
    Now I just need to get a T-shirt.
    Love ya

  11. xmaryx says:

    Loved this cast. The priest chant made me lol. And call me evil, but all the horror stories made me LOL a lot.

  12. reid says:

    your last podcast was a fun one to listen to.keep up the good work

  13. Tallguynb says:

    Another great show boys! Amanda was fantastic as usual!
    Kennidi, Puree and Tracy were so fun in the chat room last night, the call in shows are awesome!!
    You should have these guys on the show sometime guys with a topic like this, colorful people like Kennidi would make an awesome show.

  14. kennidi says:

    Awww thank you Guy! UR a sweetheart, I have fun in chatroom with u and Billy! We\’re the only fuckers chatting…lol! Anways, till next time!

    Hugs, Kennidi

  15. Pete says:

    great idea for a show, but based on the various calls and stories, does anybody actually ever enjoy valentine’s day? i think we should refer to it as PALentine’s day from now on. i found this great link through chicagoist that explains: .

    kennidi- you’re story was high-larious. i love the fact that you’re a native texan too! though i wouldn’t call myself a tranny chaser, you’re hot enough to make this fag switch teams…kinda.

  16. kennidi says:

    Aww, Pete thank you so much! Your so sweet! Ur a hottie urself and its nice to see a native Texan too in this big city! The Palentine think is so cute! I just think why should be be so hurt over the idea that were single on a day that Hallmark makes the most money? I never got it, I feel that loving someone should be something you do all the time, unconditionally, not on some special day to prove something. Materialistic things can be nice but what most girls want is love from the inside….money cant buy love or happiness! So, this Palentine thing is such a good idea! Why beat ourselves up over being single, we should be proud to be here no matter if were single or in love!

    Check out my column on a transgendered site called TG Life, I write a monthly column based on my life called “A Girl’s Life.” If you like my few stories I have talked about on FOF, check out my column, tons of back articles u can read to, to find out how I got here on this journey! Heres the link boys and girls: You dont have to be trans to read it, my article has been read by everyone from str8 to bi, to gay to trans! Theres something there for everyone!

    Thank you again Pete, it makes me feel good to know Ive done something right in my journey!


  17. Rhea says:

    Amanda, if you were gay, you’d be the queen of the lezbeans, and there would be many a geeky dyke who worship at your feet. Like moi! 🙂

    But alas, you’re not gay. Sigh.

    (Aw, come on, not even a teeny, tiny little bit?) 🙂

  18. Pal-entines’ day sounds a tad Islamic, don’t you think?

  19. Pete says:

    i see where you stand on the whole israel/palestine conflict, fausto. what do you suggest? el-al-entine’s….beth-el-entine’s?

  20. jarzium says:

    fausto! you need to make that catholic priest cheer into a ringtone please!!!!

  21. Fishsauce says:

    Yay, Amanda and Tracy are back! And Kennidi is fabulous too! Where do you guys find all these amazing people? =)

  22. GODS, I LOVE Tracy and Amanda. 😀 Such fabulous ladies, lol.

  23. Oscar says:

    i loveeeee kennedi

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