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FOF #2727 – When Oprah Dyed the Chicago River The Color Purple

Nowadays it seems all of the popular April Fools Day jokes are just awful Internet memes or brand marketing, leaving us to wonder what happened to all the great pranks of yesteryear?

Today Amanda Cohen joins us to look at April Fool’s Day pranks then and now, from our early days as Feast of Fools where we convinced folks that Oprah was going to dye the Chicago River the Color Purple to when Amanda crushed people’s hearts by announcing she had gotten too famous for this podcast.

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FOF #2312 – Amanda of All Trades

As creative people pursuing careers in entertainment, we’re usually broke so we take a lot of unusual jobs to pay the bills.

Today Amanda Cohen, joins us to talk about all the unusual jobs we’ve had over the years- working as an tv & movie extra, fortune telling, remaining still as a Mrs. Claus statue and even erotic face painting.

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FOF #2290A – When Reality TV Bites Back

In the early days of the podcast, we blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, with many of our guests improvising their roles we created for the live show. But, in many ways the characters they played were a mirror of their true selves.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen joins us to take a look at her pioneering role as Amanda Steinstein 14 years ago and how all of us being on What Not to Wear impacted our friendship.

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FOF #2290B – When Reality TV Bites Back

In Part two of “When Reality TV Bites Back” we continue our podcast with Amanda Cohen about how being on the reality TV makeover show What Not to Wear impacted our friendship.

Plus, how Amanda rediscovered her love for stand up comedy. And how big of a struggle did Amanda have with the host of the show Stacy London?

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FOF #2000 – 2000 A Podcast Odyssey

It’s the 2000th show of your favorite podcast, the show formerly known as Feast of Fools, now Feast of Fun!

Today we boil down the last decade into a super-concentrated podcast slurry, full of flavor and fun. No Bones.

Join us as we take a look at our favorite moments and all the behind the scenes dirt!

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What Not to Wear – Viewing Party!

Clips from our viewing party taken at Hydrate in Chicago, Friday Oct. 17. On a sad note,

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FOF #832 – In a World With Hope

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW Today we bid a tearful goodbye to Don La Fontaine, the King of Voice overs who lent his voice for over three decades to over five thousand movie trailers. […]

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FOFA #729 – The Golden Standard

Ever notice how crazy people LOVE to talk about gold? Specifically the gold standard. If you’re ever at a party and someone starts ranting about how our economy is built on a house of cards […]

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FOF #786 – Down a Pint

My gal pal Amanda looks a little pale today. She’s down a pint, and we’re not talking about drinking beer. We’re still trying to figure out why Amanda Steinstein loves to donate blood so gosh […]

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Mistress Amanda

Inspired by the recent leather convention in Chicago, Amanda Steinstein tries in vain to dominate Marc Felion with “fragile” stickers. Directed and edited by Fausto Fernós. Subscribe to the videos with: RSS | iTunes | […]

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