FOF #832 – In a World With Hope

Sep 3, 2008 · 1985 views

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW Today we bid a tearful goodbye to Don La Fontaine, the King of Voice overs who lent his voice for over three decades to over five thousand movie trailers. […]


  1. Jos says:

    Great to hear Amanda again.

  2. welling1 says:

    Tiny fey as Sarah Palin? Don’t you guys watch Battlestar Galactica? Check out the resemblance of Tigh and Roslin!

  3. Glad to hear Amanda again, love the ruby slippers!

  4. welling1 says:

    Tina Fey as Palin? That’s possible– but don’t you guys watch Battlestar Galatica?

  5. Oh my god! You’re totally right! I had forgotten about them because they went off season.

  6. Cliff Dix says:

    More Amanda please. I can not wait to see her What Not To Wear episode. Fausto said something that reminded me of my computer’s dirty mind. Whenever I type in .org it wants to correct it to orgy. Once I typed in HMO and it said it should be homo.
    Once again MORE AMANDA!

  7. Rhea says:

    When I heard that Don LaFontaine passed away, I was curious to hear Amanda’s thoughts, because from what I remember from past episodes, she had done voiceover work before and probably knew a thing or two about him.

    Imagine my delight when I saw the album art for today’s podcast– the Purple One in all her Purpleness! Hooray!

    Just like there was only one Don LaFontaine, there is only one Amanda Steinstein. We love you Amanda! You go save that lake, girl!

  8. Rhea says:

    And about the iPhone girl story– iPhones win over meat products any day. There is anything wrong with working in an abattoir, but it is very, very hard work, it wreaks havoc on your body… not a pleasant way to make a living.

  9. Move over Tibet, we have pressing issues. All I got to say is “Free Mother McCain” – listen to her plea to speak in the following link.

  10. Xavi says:

    Two comments on today’s show (I’m a bit behind).

    1. The main reason I remain a registered republican is to rock the boat. Living in ultra liberal San Francisco (all of you would be considered conservative in SF) I like to remind people that there is diversity of thought that needs to be represented. When people make fun of me (always in good fun, of course), I simply ask them where our congressional representation stands on marriage equality. Nancy Pelosi quietly supports marriage equality. Not sure about Barbara Boxer. Dianne Feinstein agrees with both McCain and Obama (she opposes marriage equality). What makes this even worse is that they would not be political pioneers by coming out in support of marriage equality, i.e. none of our congressional representatives would lose their jobs if they came out in full support of marriage equality. Baby steps you say? we’d just be getting rid of anti-miscegenation laws if that’s what people are recommending. I consider it a form of civil disobedience in ultra liberal San Francisco to remain a registered Republican (I didn’t say I vote republican, so be nice to me if you disagree).
    2. Amanda…thank you so much for volunteering with project aware. I am always shocked by people (including environmentalist) who don’t consider throwing a cigarette butt on the street (or beach) littering. Please smokers, I don’t care if you smoke (they’re your lungs) but please don’t litter!

    oh, one more…my huzzband, the political junkie, has known about Palin for quite some time. I saw a picture of her about a month ago and said Karen Walker!. Not Megan, but her character Karen. I’ll conceed Tina Fey as long as she borrows Karen Walker’s wigs.

  11. Hey Guys,
    It’s really fucking irritating that the show notes don’t actually list the date for Amanda’s WNTW episode. I listened to the episode (as I do ALL of them), but forgot the date. Looked online to try to find the date, couldn’t find it anywhere and never have gotten around to listening to the episode again. Now I think I might have missed the show altogether. Of course, I don’t know for SURE, because there is absolutely no where online that lists the air date. What a closely guarded secret! Now I’m sad. :o(

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