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So I just finished watching the show. How Awesome! Amanda, you really had a wonderful makeover. It was great fun watching you go... » More

On Let’s Party Tonight!

Hey Guys, It’s really fucking irritating that the show notes don’t actually list the date for Amanda’s WNTW episode. I listened to the episode (as I... » More

On FOF #832 – In a World With Hope

Terrific show and interesting interview. Thanks! I was always a big Anne Rice fan. Her books literally changed my life (Interview with the Vampire turned... » More

On FOF #728 – Fighting for the Man Next to You

What a great episode! I found the whole conversation with Josh really interesting. I never really thought about it before, but there seems to... » More

On FOF #703 – Little Big Gay Podcast

Hey Marc and Fausto, I was really surprised to hear your reaction to the “Sid’s bare butt” episode in SF. I thought it was totally... » More

On FOF #631 – Married to a Robot