FOF #703 – Little Big Gay Podcast

Feb 13, 2008 · 1985 views

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Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day week and we’re celebrating it with some of the cutest, sexiest men you could easily fall head over heels for in a second. On today’s show we’re […]


  1. Justin says:

    I still haven’t seen Wicked, but I bought the recently released 5 disc collector’s edition of the Wizard of Oz for my ex for Christmas, along with a copy of Dark Side of the Moon, so I’ve watched “The Dark Side of Oz.” 🙂

  2. Gary T says:

    Great show guys!

    Definitely have to vote for Wicked

    Amy & Matt Roloff are always pushing Zack to date girls, and they are so religious. But Zack always seems to enjoy hanging out with his guy friends. I’d love to see a coming out episode of LP,BW.

  3. Mateo says:

    Wow Josh and David are one sexy couple! Loved this show!

  4. Yeah, they are so cute together! More pictures!

  5. Thanks for coming on the show Josh and David. Great show.

  6. Cliff Dix says:

    Great show! Love to hear more from Josh & David in the future. I loved that they meet in a Disney chat room instead of a hook-up chat room. I think that signifies this will last. Much luck to them both.
    I too love the OZ triple, Wizard of OZ, Wicked, and The Wiz. It would be hard to chose one.
    Luckily here in Atlanta, every holiday season for the last 4 years the True Color\’s Theater has done The Wiz with actual high school kids playing the parts. Always fantastic.

  7. Mr Bungee says:

    Another excellent show. Great guests, interesting chat and first-rate interview. I choose the original Oz movie musical. I’m a big musical theatre fan, but The Wiz and Wicked can’t hold a candle to the original.

  8. Rhea says:

    Will we find out if Josh got the job? *crossing fingers*

  9. Loved the show! Fausto you’re right Josh does have the sexiest eyes.

  10. Maya Tack says:

    Wow, my first posting!! But this subject I had to post on. I’m 26 now, but as a child I have photos from Christmas time of me and my sister, at a mall with a beautiful Christmas scene, on a bench. And what were we wearing? She had a velvet dress and white leotards on…….ohhh, and i had a black little shorts jumper with white leotards on too.

    how precious was that? if I can find a photo, i will post it. i always got comments from friends over the years, why were you wearing tights? i replied, i don’t know, i thought ALL boys wore tights under their buster brown velvet christmas outfits!!

    and it’s a shock that im a raging drag queen….riiiiiight.

    love you guys!!!

  11. Thank you to all the listeners who tuned into the Feast of Fools podcast on Wednesday. We appreciate your support and feedback. We have enjoyed reading all the comments you have posted on the site! Last, but certainly not least, thank you Fausto and Marc for having us on! We had a blast! Congratulations and continuous success for the future!

  12. lis says:

    I’m running behind again and just listened to this yesterday. Another great and fascinating interview. And Josh and David do make a very cute couple. All the best to you two.

  13. Very informative and great show guys. Although I’ve been exposed to many little people I found it very informative. For ex. I had no idea there were so many different types of dwarfism etc, and I now know the term AH.

  14. Very interesting show and i personally dont like the wiz but greta sho guys

  15. sOrange says:

    Terrific show! You should have Josh and David back on soon!

  16. bfranks says:

    This show was really funny to me, I really enjoyed it! I loved Marc\’s comment on the \”Ohio Farm Boys\”. Like Josh, I grew up as a farm boy on a sheep and cattle farm in NE Ohio. There must be something in the water… lets just say growing up, I knew early on I was gay and there were plenty of other guys that were curious after a few beers in the hay loft 😉 Anyways, wonderful show! I could really relate to it!

  17. Interesting show – am wondering if there is something comparable to Gay Culture in the Little People community – meaning certain books, movies etc that speak to this community in particular. Only book that I can think of is Maybe the Moon by Armistead Maupin. And the series Threshold maybe…

  18. ALX8254 says:

    Great show! Wizard of Oz is my pick.

  19. What a great episode! I found the whole conversation with Josh really interesting. I never really thought about it before, but there seems to be certain parallels between being gay and being a little person. Like all minorities, both communities are made up of people that were given no choice about whether or not they would be “one”, but unlike other minorities they are both born to people that may or may not be a member of the same minority. Both communities have members that are happy with their status and both have members full of self-loathing because of their status. Members of both communities have to deal with totally unpredictable reactions from “normal” people when they are spotted in public. Both communities face strong stereotypes regarding what types of jobs are appropriate for them, and can face extreme difficulty being taken seriously in certain careers. Wow. A psych major could write a really great dissertation on this topic! I, for one, find it fascinating. I’d love to hear Josh on the show again.

    Oh yeah, and both Josh and David are total hotties….. :o)

  20. Nathan says:

    Wow! What a great show!
    Thanks to Josh and David for being on the show. And especially thanks to Josh for representing music theatre queens and instructing proper vocal production (breath, vowels, and consonants!). Josh is absolutely adorable, I want him and my boyfriend to write a musical together… staring me!

  21. Favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz, hands down.

    When I was a kid, my parents took me to see The Wiz at the Schubert Theater twice and I loved that. I enjoyed the movie adaptation too and listened to the soundtrack over and over on cassette tape.

    I read the book Wicked years ago and really enjoyed it. I don\’t think I am ready to see the musical version… yet. Maybe when its availabe on cable…

  22. Oscar says:

    i loooove josh

    hes adorable

  23. Johnny says:

    cute couple! great show!

  24. ramon pena says:

    i am a gay dwarf, what can i do to find other gay dwarfs?


    • Brian says:

      Hi RAmon, wow I been looking for a gay little person for a long time, special attraction of mine. I’m a regular sized person and would love to meet you. ARe you in New York?

  25. Sentry says:

    Good for them.

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