Featured on the FRONT of the iTunes Music Store podcast directory!

Feb 12, 2008 · 1985 views

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I’m so excited, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. Going into our third year of podcasting, the good people at Apple put your favorite podcast on the front page of […]


  1. YEA! The accolades you deserve! Congrats fellas!

  2. Rhea says:

    *breaks out the maracas*

    Feast of Fools! Gay Fun Show! Feast of Fools! Gay Fun Show! Hooray! Hooray!!!

  3. I Pooted! says:

    That’s so freaking cool YEAH FOF!!!!!

  4. I am SO honored an touched. For the computer community, we define what the gay experience is like. That means the world to me. I am thrilled and overjoyed!

  5. It’s also the FIRST time the word “GAY” has appeared on iTunes officially.

  6. jimberly says:

    Now, that calls for a steaming hot cup of DE-CAFFEINATED coffee at my favorite time of the day – NIGHT.
    Rock and roll sisters!

  7. Henry says:

    woohoo. Awesome. Not only did you make my ipod go gay…. now itunes! You deserve the spotlight.

  8. Mr Bungee says:

    Congratulations on the increased exposure! Well deserved.

  9. Mateo says:

    Congrats on getting on the front page!

  10. Yves says:

    Thank You Steve!! And congrats again boys.

  11. Andrew J says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations you guys. Now there will be quarter turns for everyone!!!

    Let us know if your downloads get a boost as a result!

  12. Joe P says:

    Congratulations, guys! You deserve it.

  13. BRAVO!!!

    You know what’s equally amazing, look how many reviews you guys have on iTunes; 255 reviews, far more than all the other features podcasts on their front page. I mean, Apple HAD to do something to match the support all the fans are giving you. Way to go, keep up the great work, now if only you could make this your main source of income…

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