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FOF #2430 – WOW! Feast of Fun Wins Best Podcast Award

A lot of truly awful shit has happened in 2016, but one good thing to come our way is that Feast of Fun won a Wowie! WOW!

Joining us to celebrate is comedian Rachel McCartney who has a thing to say about the loud, obnoxious haters who feel like they can take over a comedy show with their hate speech now that Russia has put Trump in charge.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga and Patti LaBelle’s Impromptu ”Over the Rainbow” Performance

After the CDFA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards ceremony, Patti LaBelle gave a performance at an after party, and she called Lady Gaga up to join in.  Other than seeing Gaga hold her […]

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2010 Emmy Recap

The Emmy Awards show is possibly the gayest awards show on television. Well, maybe the gayest after the Oscars, the Grammy’s, the Tony’s, and the NewNowNext awards. The Emmy Awards are definitely top five! Either […]

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And the Pink Brick Award Goes to…

The Pink Brick which is given each year to a person or institution whose actions are deemed to have caused the most significant harm to the LGBT community. This year’s award goes to openly gay […]

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David Hasselhoff Will Show Up Drunk Anywhere, Anytime

I still can’t figure out why David Hasselhoff’s music is popular in Germany. One things for sure, he never fails to entertain. During MTV’s 2009 European Music Awards (EMA) the actor best known for his […]

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Feast of Fun Wins the Chicago Reader’s 2009 “Best Gay News Source” Award.

We better get a bigger shelf! Feast of Fun is thrilled and honored to be picked by the readers of the Chicago Reader as “Best Gay News Source” in the 2009 “Best of” Awards sponsored […]

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Featured on the FRONT of the iTunes Music Store podcast directory!

I’m so excited, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it. Going into our third year of podcasting, the good people at Apple put your favorite podcast on the front page of […]

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