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VIDEO: Burlesque Bloopers

A friend sent this to me so I just had to share. Alan Cumming’s has more face time in the bloopers then he has in the whole movie.

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VIDEO: The Tale of Wendylin Wayne

I always have a soft spot for animation and this is a great short film! This youtuber has done a few in the past but this time he has REALLY out done himself. If anyone […]

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Walt Disney’s World of Color: A Must See!!!

I’m a big ol’ Disney nerd and I was looking around Youtube and found that someone posted a video of the new nighttime show at Disney California Adventure. I sat through this 27 minute video […]

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Bioshock Drag

Shante you stay! Here we have it the next Superstar of the World! I don’t think the guy who made this costume realizes it but he has made one  incredible Drag outfit. Imagine him singing songs from […]

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Ken in Toy Story 3

Pixar’s sending out pictures of new characters for Toy Story, and the first person they have posted of Ken.  I Here’s a description of Ken from the Facebook page. “Grab your binoculars and join Ken […]

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Meet the RuPaul Drag Race Pit Crew

I don’t mean to double post, but if I don’t I’ll forget to post it! ——————————————- The wait is almost over – RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 premieres TONIGHT!  By now I hope you have […]

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Story Time With MisterNoLife

Hey guys! Fausto and Marc always talks about posting stuff you write on our own blog on the Fresh section, so here I go. This is a part of a short story I’m doing for […]

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I just stumbled upon it while looking through Youtube videos. I don’t know how long it’s going to stay up until they take it down, so you guys better take a looks!  LEAKED FOOTAGE! this […]

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NY Gangs Use Twitter to Plan Crimes While the NY Police Use Twitter to Arrest Gangs

I was just surfing the web and came across this so I decided to share it ya’ll! Click the link for the rest of the article. “A basic search of the social-networking site for OYG or […]

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Politics Take a Hint From Glee!

Seems like all those news conglomerates are finally taking a hint from the people at Glee! Doesn’t music make everything just sound better?

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It looks a lot better then what the Green Deadpool Movie is going to do. I personally liked Chris Evens as Johnny Storm, but what’s a... » More

On Video: Captain American Trailer #1

@ Zoomer Sorry Zoomer! I was just judging by the tiny profile pic. 🙁 My bad. But I still think yours is the funniest one. <3... » More

On PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Make Your Own “He’s the One” Frankengay Ad Campaign

I think Zoomer should get top prize. His photo had me laughing the most. I wish I had thought of that. lol » More

On PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Make Your Own “He’s the One” Frankengay Ad Campaign


On PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Make Your Own “He’s the One” Frankengay Ad Campaign

Her new gal pal Cyndi Lauper of course! lol How funny would that be. » More

On Bioshock Drag