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VIDEO: Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl

Video from the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl on Oct. 24, 2010 hosted by Fausto and Marc with Tracy Tyler and Mimi Imfurst. Camera and editing by Jason Smith

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Video From the Lady Gaga Yard Sale!

Fausto and Marc sell their life at the Lady Gaga Yard Sale September 12, 2010.  — Camera and editing by Jason Smith.

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Chicago Pride Parade 2010 Video

My video from the 2010 Chicago Pride Parade is now online!

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Video From Steamorks Live Show

Here’s a video I made from the March 5, 2010 FoF appearance at Steamworks. Video by

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Short Clip From Fausto and Marc on WGN Radio

Here’s a short audio clip I captured from Fausto and Marc’s appearance Dec. 19, 2009 on Chicago’s WGN Radio.

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My First Post is a Photo Discount

Hey Feasters! I decided to make my first post on Fausto and Marc’s awesome new “Fresh” function a Photo Discount! Many of you longtime listeners will remember that I’ve done a ton of photography for […]

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