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Peaches and Rena were spectacular guests. I really enjoyed this show. I’m glad Fausto pressed just a little bit for Peaches and Rena to do a... » More

On FOF #1906 – Walking in a Showgirls Wonderland

Victoria was so great. Thanks for posting the info and photos that remind everyone of her inner and outer fabulousness Fausto and Marc. » More

On FOF #1905 – Remembering Victoria Lamarr

Super entertaining Fausto and Marc! I enjoy these high-energy interviews. » More

On FOF #1467 – Fortune Smiles Upon Us

Just think Marc, if you and Fausto ever wake up early enough, I can make one of these videos for you, as I did for Ian. ;... » More

On The Hottest Artist in Chicago

I saw Wayne Newton perform at the Chicago Theater years ago and he was absolutely spectacular. » More

On PHOTO: Wayne Newton’s Trannylicious Makeup