FOF #2290A – When Reality TV Bites Back

Feb 15, 2016 · 1985 views

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In the early days of the podcast, we blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, with many of our guests improvising their roles we created for the live show. But, in many ways the characters they played were a mirror of their true selves.

Today comedian Amanda Cohen joins us to take a look at her pioneering role as Amanda Steinstein 14 years ago and how all of us being on What Not to Wear impacted our friendship.


  1. Brian says:

    So glad to see Amanda back. Like Scarecrow, I missed her most of all. She also opened the world of science fiction literature to me (not to mention Dr. Who).

  2. jimmyV says:

    Great to hear from Amanda again, what do you guys think about Stacy Clinton’s new show “LOVE, LUST OR RUN.” A show that asks random people on the street to make a snap judgment if you love, Lust orto Run based on what someone is wearing.
    For Amanda I would have to saw Love after listening to the podcast.

    With Fausto and Marc I would say Lust unless it’s DIlF night at SOFO on tap and then I would have to say run because you couldn’t get near the place. I came in all the way from Michigan and got in and couldn’t get a seat. I showed up at 8:15 and stayed until 10:30 when friends showed up and couldn’t get in.

    The after party at Steam-works almost maid up for it though.

  3. Was super excited to see the post on FB today about this episode.

    Funny story about the reveal party…

    Robert and I decided to attend, because you guys plugged it on a podcast and because I loved watching “What Not to Wear”. We got there a bit early and Robert didn’t want to come in too early before the event. I told him I wasn’t about to sit in the car and I was going in. As it turned out, there were wrist bands providing free drinks for the first 25 attendees. We turned out to be #’s 23 and 24. Robert was a bit less mortified to have gone in early after that.

    When the reveal episode aired, Robert was in two shots and my left shoe was in one shot. To be fair, my shoe looked amazing.

    Sal-E also may, or may not, have accompanied me to the washroom. He also may, or may not, have taken a photo of my schwanz. You’ll have to ask him, but you’ll need a magnifying glass.

  4. On a completely separate note, is there a problem with acquiring the “B” episodes via the feeds? Ive tried to access them using RSS feeds (Feedly) and also using the Zune (yes, I’m the guy that bought a Zune, which now sits in a drawer somewhere).

    All of the A episode appear on the RSS feeds and Zune, but the + content isn’t there.

    Just curious….

  5. I started listening to FoF back in 2006, and Amanda was always one of my favorite regular guests. I was saddened to hear when you guys had a falling out with her, but accepted the fact that sort of thing sometimes happens with friendships. SO I think it’s really awesome you guys were able to patch things up with her again and got her back on the show! She is still as charming and hilarious as always!

  6. huge WELCOME BACK to Amanda!!! you’ve been missed.

  7. rdowney says:

    I’m always so late to respond – sorry. I’m just behind in my shows. I hope you still will get this note and pass it along. After this episode started, and I realized Amanda was the guest, I about flipped!! I’ve mentioned it in the past, but her April Fool’s joke was the first podcast episode I had ever heard, not just of your show, but of ANY podcast. I fell in love with her immediately, and must say, I did not know she was playing a character! Even after all the other shows she appeared on, I thought she was who she said she was, Amanda Steinstein. My partner, Brian, said, “Robert, she’s not real. She’s playing a character!” I still didn’t believe it. After listening to your shows well after she left, and you talked about Amanda, it was like finding out that there is no Santa!!! 🙂 I so enjoyed this episode. I wish I lived in Chicago so that I could go to her open mic shows. She is simply delightful!

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