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Congrats to both of you!! » More

On My First Bodybuilding Competition

Kirk, the MD/PhD/MPH, just happened to walk by when your guest commented on the “novel” part of novel corona virus. He giggled, disagreed and said its... » More

On FOF #2899 – 10 Years of Wild, Unadulterated Fun

You guys fucked up the ranked choice voting explanation. here it is in two sentences: 1. Ranked choice voting is an instant runoff election without... » More

On FOF #2895 – What Pee Wee Herman’s Crack PSA Taught Us About Covid

What lance said. Plus your point about the x-ians being historically brutal is fair, but there are no modern equivalents of the inquisition, crusades or witch... » More

On FOF #2861 – The Rainbow Connection

Buttigieg is not conservative. He’s a liberal democrat. Maybe not as liberal as you guys, but he’s definitely not conservative. I’m conservative and he’s way to... » More

On FOF #2848 – Tiger King: Gay Rednecks, Caged Animals, Guns & Meth