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ugh. i sound like a broker record. what is wrong with the gender neutral english word latin to describe me? i only use latino/a when speaking... » More

On FOF #2801 – The Magical Life of Walter Mercado

Universal healthcare yes. Medicare for all no. Abortions can’t be paid for with public money now. I don’t see that changing. Has anyone addressed this? I... » More

On FOF #2799 – A Review of Sasha Velour’s Smoke and Mirrors

I’m so glad Brenden mentioned Frameline. Looking at the information available it makes it sound like this show didn’t exist before Netflix picked it up. I... » More

On FOF #2742 – Brendan Scannell Gets into Bondage

Kondo Marie’s given name in Chinese characters is 麻理恵, which is pronounced Ma-ri-eh in Japanese. I don’t watch the show, does she prounouce her name like... » More

On FOF #2696 – I’ve Got A New Attitude

What a GREAT interview! Love it when you introduce me to new people!! So good! » More

On FOF #2687 – E.G. Daily’s Big Adventure