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Buttigieg is not conservative. He’s a liberal democrat. Maybe not as liberal as you guys, but he’s definitely not conservative. I’m conservative and he’s way to... » More

On FOF #2848 – Tiger King: Gay Rednecks, Caged Animals, Guns & Meth

AMAZING show, perfect to give the collective mood a pick-us-up! » More

On FOF #2847 – Uncle Jack’s Gay Glory Days

As a friend told me, this is no time to be pedantic, Xavier. I’ll ignore him. 😀 Shelter in place is the official term that is opposite... » More

On FOF #2843 – Peaches Christ Battles the Apocalypse

Tijuana is pronounced Tee-huana, not tia-huana. Fantasy bubble mispronunciation! 😀 » More

On FOF #2834 – Wonder Woman and Super Tuesday

Anyone who cares about access to abortion should be scared about medicare for all. Assume it passes, along with the Hyde amendment repeal. Great. Everyone is... » More

On FOF #2825 – Terrence Chappell Takes On Pleasure and PrEP