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Kondo Marie’s given name in Chinese characters is 麻理恵, which is pronounced Ma-ri-eh in Japanese. I don’t watch the show, does she prounouce her name like... » More

On FOF #2696 – I’ve Got A New Attitude

What a GREAT interview! Love it when you introduce me to new people!! So good! » More

On FOF #2687 – E.G. Daily’s Big Adventure

I haven’t even heard the entire episode and feel compelled to to comment: WOW WOW WOW, amazing interview, amazing story. » More

On FOF #2532 – Fortune’s Favorite Daughter

AMAZING cover art! love it!! best one in a while. 😀 » More

On FOF #2530 – This is IT

keep peaches coming back and back and back…. re legally blonde/legally black. elle woods grew up in Bel Air, across the street from Aaron Spelling. She is... » More

On FOF #2447 – Don’t Fall in Love with a Drag Queen