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I’m always so late to respond – sorry. I’m just behind in my shows. I hope you still will get this note and pass... » More

On FOF #2290A – When Reality TV Bites Back

Haha! I’m still listening to this episode (kind of behind) and had to smile when I heard you talk about the gum wall at the... » More

On FOF #2246 – America’s Next Transgender Heartthrob

Hey Guys…I Loved This Show! I haven’t even finished listening to it yet. I attended an Up With People concert in the late 60s.... » More

On FOF #2214 – I Survived Up with People

I just clicked on the site to see what’s new and get stuff downloaded and check on my subscription, and saw this! I’m so excited!!!... » More

On FOF #2067 – Tracy Tyler is Back!

Love. Love. Love Trannika Rex. I wish I lived in Chicago so that I could go out to her shows. » More

On FOF #2028 – Trannika Rex Works the Street Festival